CBDA Isolate Stability Microcrystalline Powder

CBDA Isolate Stability Microcrystalline Powder

CBDA Isolate Stability Microcrystalline Powder

Contrary to common literature statements that CBDA is very unstable we have proven quite the opposite! Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), in a low energy state, such as a microcrystalline powder or cyclodextrin inclusion complex, easily has a room temperature shelf life in excess of a year! CBDA is less stable in solution with a 20% tincture having a shelf life around six months. It is important to note that the breakdown product is CBD which should not be seen as a negative.

For this study, we took a sample of our production CBDA microcrystalline powder and stored it on the benchtop at our inhouse analytical lab. Thirteen samples were pulled from the original 95.35% CBDA powder and analyzed by HPLC, over a 122day period. Both CBDA and CBD were analyzed and the percent decarboxylation calculated. The data is shown below.

At 122 days there was less than 1% degradation! Extrapolated to 12 months, degradation would be less than 4%, with the degradation product being CBD.  CBDA is stable! We are currently undergoing stability tests for our water soluble CBDA cyclodextrin inclusion complex which we will report on in the future. Initial studies indicate a shelf life for the water-soluble powder will be stated in years not months.

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